UFC Owner Banned From Casinos For Making Too Much Money

They say money calls money. And this is true in case Dana White sends him Rain from the UFC…

Dana White is the CEO of the largest MMA organization in the world that recently sold for over 4 billion dollars.

Part of which Dana got a share of, but he’s also become the nightmare of some Las Vegas casinos.

Despite being a very dedicated man to the UFC Dana has always found time to relax when he can.

Over the years he has gained great fame for being a regular player at some of the most respected casinos in Las Vegas.

But what was just fun before has become a very profitable habit.

Money Calls Money!

One of his closest friends in life and also in the UFC, commentator Joe Rogan said on his radio show that Dana not only gambles in Las Vegas casinos, but earns huge amounts of money in those games. According to him:

“Once he told me he lost a million dollars, but another time he won 7 million dollars in one night”

This hobby of Dana White became something so serious that it was banned from some casinos in the city.

Yes, Dana White can no longer enter these establishments for having earned too much money. According to Joe Rogan:

“He got banned from a lot of casinos because he’s really good at Blackjack”

Dana White himself stated in a video that he had already been banned from attending 3 casinos in Las Vegas, in one of them he was expelled twice.

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