Won R$100 Million In Casino But Lost Everything Soon After

The popular saying is that the joy of the poor is short-lived. And this has never been truer than in the case we are going to describe here.

One woman thought she had hit the jackpot and won more than 70 million reais in a casino in the United States.

American Louise Gavez was playing a slot machine at Fortune Valley casino in Colorado state when the machine announced that it had taken a prize of 42,949,673 million dollars, which gives almost 100 million reais.

She couldn’t contain her glee as Louise’s profession is a caretaker for the elderly earning around $1,000 monthly salary.

Such an award would mean your trip to the world of millionaires. Not believing what was happening, the player took pictures, asked employees if everything was right, and even the manager already wanting to know how he could receive that spectacular award.

Like every ordinary person, Louise imagined herself enjoying this money in a life of luxury and comfort she didn’t have.

Who doesn’t dream of trips to wonderful beaches, luxurious destinations, luxury cars and cinematic mansions?

But her joy was short-lived.

Soon after thinking she had become a millionaire, Louise discovered that it was all just a problem with the machine, as the casino claimed.

According to the company, because of April 1st, the machine unintentionally nailed a price to the player and gave a prize that actually hadn’t been won.

She received only $35 prize money, a free dinner, and a night in the casino suite. Nothing more. Louise went from millionaire to poor again in just a few minutes. In a statement to local television she said:

I almost died of the heart. I cried a lot. I’m very disappointed and disgusted

But the fight has just started. Louise was the police and now both the machine and the casino are being investigated and Louise wants to sue the company to receive this money.

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