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UFC Owner Banned From Casinos For Making Too Much Money

They say money calls money. And this is true in case Dana White sends him Rain from the UFC…

Dana White is the CEO of the largest MMA organization in the world that recently sold for over 4 billion dollars.

Part of which Dana got a share of, but he’s also become the nightmare of some Las Vegas casinos.

Despite being a very dedicated man to the UFC Dana has always found time to relax when he can.

Over the years he has gained great fame for being a regular player at some of the most respected casinos in Las Vegas.

But what was just fun before has become a very profitable habit.

Money Calls Money!

One of his closest friends in life and also in the UFC, commentator Joe Rogan said on his radio show that Dana not only gambles in Las Vegas casinos, but earns huge amounts of money in those games. According to him:

“Once he told me he lost a million dollars, but another time he won 7 million dollars in one night”

This hobby of Dana White became something so serious that it was banned from some casinos in the city.

Yes, Dana White can no longer enter these establishments for having earned too much money. According to Joe Rogan:

“He got banned from a lot of casinos because he’s really good at Blackjack”

Dana White himself stated in a video that he had already been banned from attending 3 casinos in Las Vegas, in one of them he was expelled twice.

Won R$100 Million In Casino But Lost Everything Soon After

The popular saying is that the joy of the poor is short-lived. And this has never been truer than in the case we are going to describe here.

One woman thought she had hit the jackpot and won more than 70 million reais in a casino in the United States.

American Louise Gavez was playing a slot machine at Fortune Valley casino in Colorado state when the machine announced that it had taken a prize of 42,949,673 million dollars, which gives almost 100 million reais.

She couldn’t contain her glee as Louise’s profession is a caretaker for the elderly earning around $1,000 monthly salary.

Such an award would mean your trip to the world of millionaires. Not believing what was happening, the player took pictures, asked employees if everything was right, and even the manager already wanting to know how he could receive that spectacular award.

Like every ordinary person, Louise imagined herself enjoying this money in a life of luxury and comfort she didn’t have.

Who doesn’t dream of trips to wonderful beaches, luxurious destinations, luxury cars and cinematic mansions?

But her joy was short-lived.

Soon after thinking she had become a millionaire, Louise discovered that it was all just a problem with the machine, as the casino claimed.

According to the company, because of April 1st, the machine unintentionally nailed a price to the player and gave a prize that actually hadn’t been won.

She received only $35 prize money, a free dinner, and a night in the casino suite. Nothing more. Louise went from millionaire to poor again in just a few minutes. In a statement to local television she said:

I almost died of the heart. I cried a lot. I’m very disappointed and disgusted

But the fight has just started. Louise was the police and now both the machine and the casino are being investigated and Louise wants to sue the company to receive this money.

Is Casino Gambling Addictive?

When we talk about casinos we have to address one of the most controversial issues that exist.

The gambling addiction thing. What is there of reality and lies in this image of disease that exists in Brazil and is associated with those who gamble and bet?

Will every person who bets in a casino become an addict? Can everyone who enters a casino be considered sick?

Too many questions and too few answers. But all seen with a lot of prejudice.

Obviously the answer is no. Gambling is no more addictive than other behaviors in society.

On the contrary, studies indicate that addiction to games is less than addictions to alcohol, cigarettes and even addiction to crack to stay in the example of popular drugs and disseminated in our society.

In general, unhealthy behaviors have very close indices when we talk about this type of activity.

But why then is this taint of addiction more popular among gamers than among other branches of society?

Just talk about legalizing casinos that many go into a real madness demonizing the activity.

First, we must separate two fundamental things: normal behavior and pathological behavior.

This sounds obvious but it seems that people don’t understand. Every activity in life can have a normal behavior and another pathological, unhealthy that requires medical care.

This human duality is easily observable from food, with the problem of obesity plaguing the world, as well as addiction to drink, sex, financial expenses, among others. Compulsion is a similar behavior in all addictions.

And in that sense there would be no worse or better vices, only vices. In the same way that everyone who drinks a glass of beer is not an alcoholic, anyone who plays in a slot machine cannot be considered addicted to the game.

The difference is prejudice. In Brazil, there is a negative image attributed to games that involve risk. By the way, they call them games of chance, but why not games of chance?

They treat the issue as if it were a moral defect, a misconduct. While the televisions show commercials all day talking about beer and other topics, the act of gambling is treated as an activity that doesn’t deserve to be considered.

Much of this is influenced by a religious outlook. The dominant Christian religions in Brazil have a negative view of the game, even though several types of games that involve risk are present throughout human history.

As they are very powerful institutions, they impose their views on the faithful and also on the media they control, turning games of chance into a problem. When they aren’t.

Almost 99% of countries in the world have some form of legal gambling. By the way, when Brazilian tourists travel to these countries, they love to play in their casinos.

But if it’s good there, why isn’t it good here? From the United States, Portugal, passing through Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, all have legal casinos generating jobs, dividends, taxes and money.

Games are not more addictive than other things. That simple. They only speak more about them because of the extreme prejudice that exists in Brazil about it.

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